Your New Summer Vacation

From May-September, join Michelle at a fly-in fishing camp called Iskwatikan Lake Lodge for some of the best fishing Canada has to offer.  The lake has no other developments, and the only access is to be flown in, unless you cross some of the highest waterfalls in Saskatchewan – Nistowiak falls! Based out of a fly-in fishing camp that has all the luxuries, learn with a personable instructor the skills needed to start your wilderness adventure!

Ready for your survival experience?

It's your chance for adventure



I don't know anything about the Wilderness

Don’t worry, this is the perfect place for you to start! The survival instructor will take care of you, and help transition you into the wilderness – based on what you are comfortable doing as the days progress.

I don't know what to bring

We have a list of items for you to pack! most people have these items all ready, or else are able to source them easily. We also have links above for you to find gear we recommend!

Are there Predators?

Our camp is located on an Island. It is very rare for any predators to have made it to the island over winter.

However, the land surrounding us is filled with black bear, moose, wolves and just about everything else. Don’t forget your camera!

I don't know how to clean fish

Lucky for you, we have guides to clean the fish for you, it is bagged, tagged and frozen. We are also happy to teach you how to clean your own catch.

I don't want to have survival instruction. can i just fish?

Absolutely! We have maps in the boats for you, and you are able to go out fishing and exploring wherever you please.

Do you host weddings/anniversarys/stags/stagettes?

We sure do! Contact us for more information.

Leave your name, email and a brief description of what you are looking for. Sometimes we are off the beaten track and run out of cell service! We will get back to you as soon as possible!