What about a knife?

If you are choosing adventure, part of what makes it such a great experience is being able to figure out how to survive with what you have on hand, right now. Some folks are complete gear people. They live for reading forums, buying the latest releases, and for being able to talk about types of steel in depth. For most people, most of the time, it doesn’t really matter what type of steel. It doesn’t really matter if its a $5 knife or a $600 knife – if it fits your hand, if it feels balanced, if it’s the right style for you, it’s probably going to be just fine. One of the best knives I have ever owned is the SOG Fielder. My husband bought it as part of a kit for me for a valentines present. 7 years of abuse until I chipped the blade. Cutting twines, butchering animals, skinning out animals, processing tinder. I finally chipped it cracking open a rabbit skull. SOG did send a replacement, but I had to pay shipping to the company for it, which was a bit of a fiasco.

I encourage a knife or multi-tool that you are comfortable with. Does it fit in your hand, does it feel balanced, what sort of tang does it have? Is it stainless, are the grips going to be slippery if its wet or covered in blood or sweat?

I am not a stickler for brand names or flashy items. I expect my gear to hold up to abuse, I expect it to perform, and expect to be able to rely on it in any survival situation. I am going to put out some links below where to find gear I trust. *I may earn a small fee for if your purchase though my link, but it doesn’t raise the product price.*

I am particular to the Leatherman Wave for a number of reasons. I can operate it one handed, it has pliers, knives, as excellent little saw that is perfect for processing tinder for a fire, and for using the spine of the saw for striking against your ferro rod. Leatherman has an excellent warranty program to boot.

This link will take you to Amazon (Canadian) where you can purchase the Wave. Heads up though, the nylon sheath it comes with is crap. I had a custom made leather one made for me by my friend. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07BK58NX2/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=legacysurviva-20&camp=15121&creative=330641&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B07BK58NX2&linkId=c2f9b2107c01f17f85fb305153e4c991

I have also purchase and used this sheath for about 6 years. I actually have 2 leathermans that I work with. One is my bush knife, one is my everyday carry work horse.


A more cost friendly multi-tool still made by Leatherman is the Wingman and Side Kick. They have a couple different features so you will have to take a look to see which works better for you.


Who is behind Legacy?

Michelle has been involved in numerous business models over the years, from waitressing to financial planning, she learned that any job was a job worth doing well. With almost 2 decades of work experience, it wasn’t until Michelle left the corporate world to go back to her roots that she found out what it was she really wanted to do. While it should come as no surprise, Michelle grew up on a small farm where she was one with the wilderness. She felt it helped prepare her for the ‘corporate’ jungle in ways nothing else could. Starting her homestead from scratch, Michelle built tangible results from hard work and dedication. She took all these experiences and crafted it into a new venture.¬†

Michelle will be featured on History Channels extreme survival reality challenge when she appears on the show ALONE Season 6. Premiering June 6th follow along as Michelle is dropped off in a totally new environment – the Southern boarder of the Arctic. Here Michelle will embark on one of her biggest adventures yet!

Legacy Survival Training 

Here Michelle will teach basic survival skills. The types of things one should know to survive in the scariest of situations. Being prepared isn’t just for the hunting or fishing enthusiast, its about building confidence and skills in everyone, from all walks of life. Hosting business retreats for team building, family camping trips or hunting preparedness, Michelle will take you on a journey to explore the deeper meaning behind the legacy you wish to leave behind.

Michelle has paired up with an existing camp in rugged Northern Saskatchewan. accessible by float plane, be prepared to be amazed. Being the only establishment on the lake, the only people you are going to see are the people in camp with us. Beautiful sunsets, wildlife, and the smell of life, your mind and body can relax and fully enjoy what we have to offer.

Guides are available for fishing and excursions. Come see ancient pictographs, caves and the oldest building in Saskatchewan. Climb, run and play on the various islands scattered on the lake. Visit areas that haven’t been touched by other humans, and catch your limit in Walleye, Northern Pike and Trout, and treat yourself to a shore lunch of the catch of the day.

The camp is waiting for you!