Fishing Gear

Sometimes we are asked what sort of lures should be packed, sourced or made. The answer is a bit varied. Fishing is a sport, sometimes you are going to come home with fish, sometimes you are going to get skunked. The reasons could range from water temperature to oxygen levels.

Iskwatikan Lake has three main types of fish, Trout, Northern Pike and Walleye. While there are going to be some overlap on types of lures used, it’s a good idea to pack a few specifics.

  • Min 15lb test – There are a lot of big fish in this lake, make sure your line is fresh and not rotted, frayed or knotted. Some people prefer braided line, others mono.
  • Spoons of varying sizes
  • Storm wildeye live perch – mid size (These are like the Holy Grail for Pike)
  • White split tail jigs

For the Trout in the Summer, they are in deep water. you are going to need weighted heads, or a drop weight to get your hook down. Some use diving plugs, just depends!

  • A pair of spreaders and needle nose pliers with a wrist strap
  • Night crawlers live bait and meal worms
  • A weigh scale for those lunkers