Winter Camping

Legacy Survival Training will soon be offering winter camp out sessions. Build your own quinzee, head out ice fishing, watch the Northern Lights and listen to the ice boom under your feet when the temperature drops. Listen to your tent walls shake in the wind while you stay snug in your winter thermals in your sleeping bag. Experience what Saskatchewan, Canada has to offer, in the summer and in the winter!

Spend your day snowshoeing, tracking animals, ice fishing, and sitting around our camp fire.

To embark on this expedition, you will need to be prepared. Missteps can cost you your fingers if you are lucky, your very life if you aren’t ready. This is not recommended if you haven’t spent any time in frigid temperatures.

Packages include 1 to 3 nights spent out, all the food needed (unless you have specific dietary needs) cooking, guiding and shelter if needed. Locations vary, depending on skill levels involved.

*extra gear will need to be purchased by you – min -30c sleeping bag, proper winter clothing, long underwear etc. Recommendations will be given in specifics in person/on the phone/by email during bookings.